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Hey! I'm Becca - a midwest girl born and raised but my heart belongs to the ocean. My family moved to Wilmington, NC four years ago from MinneSNOWta and if I never see snow again I'll be just fine, lol. Family photography has my heart but I also photograph couples and maternity + newborns.. I can't wait to meet you, know your story and uncover all the best parts of you.

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real moments

topsail island

our pup "Bodhi"

My girls are past diapers + naps, story-time + check-ups. Do you want to know something so exciting but truly heartbreaking? THEY GROW UP.

It's crazy how quickly you forget their favorite toy, tiny footprints and little voices. Creating forever moments is now my gift to you. Capturing candid moments is the heart and soul of why I started East & Elm Photo. To make sure you have these moments long after they've grown. Every session is special to me because when I look back at our photos, I know the weight they carry. All those little details deserve to be remembered. SO, if you're here for all those in-between moments - I'm your girl.

"Photography remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything"

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